Hydraulic tools, Hole punch, Steel cutter, Wire crimping, Pipe bender, Sleeve fitting crimper, Manual pipe pressing tool.
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Q:What's the products quality warranty?
A:TWO YEARS after the products been in service. Of course, not covered consumable parts

Q:What's the payment method?
A:T/T, Paypal, L/C

Q:I find some other price cheaper than yours?
A:Good question!
   Cheaper price ever exist forever, as long as you are willing to go to seek.
   But we take quality and service more important.

Q:I find many many suppliers on internet can offer products the same or similar with your products?
A:A second good question!
   Internet is open, sometimes false. Many many traders advertise their information, some are attractive.
   But, we would like to advise:To make a safe business, why not buy with the manufacturer directly?
   For smaller order, it is easy to communicate with the factory directly.
   For bigger order, you can go and see the factory personally.
   We are professional manufacturer, factoried more than 20 years.

Q:I am reseller, can i get a better price?
A:Yes, better price is accept for bigger order. We are always to do our best to support our business partners.

Q:I want to order some items, but i can not see the products and not sure the quality.
A:Yes, we can understand your worry. Before you place a order, you can ask our people for some high solution photos for the goods, as well as video.

Q:Can you print our logo on the goods?
A:Yes, of course. And we need the logo in PDF/CDR format.

Q:I am end customer, can i buy from your distributor?
A:Yes, you can email us where are you from and which item you are interested.

Q:DHL/TNT shipping cost often very expensive, do you have another cheaper shipping way?
A:China EMS is recommended, but shipping and delivery slower.

Q:Can i ask my shipping agent or carrier to pick up the order from your place?
A:Of course, that is a good idea.

Q:I am looking for a customized item with different sizes from your items, can you make?
A:For customized is accept, and if you can offer sample or drawings will be high helpful.

Q:Can i have your full catalog in PDF/JPG?
A:Yes, sure, please just send us an email for an inquiry.

Q:I am looking for a tool/machine for private use, i am not sure it is in your products range.
A:Please visit our website www.mmhtools.com and browse the left products category, and you can send
an inquiry to our email info@mmhtools.com.


If you have products question, business inquiry, please feel free to call us at +861-3736-5848-64 or
email us at info@mmhtools.com, thank you.