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Jeteco Tools on Guangzhou Canton Fair

Author:mmhtools Date:2013-4-23 21:01:16
April 15th--19th, 2013, Jeteco Tools have a wonderful exhibition on Canton Fair, located Hall 15.2.

On the Fair, we exbihit hydraulic crimping tool, cutter, battery powered crimping tool, hydraulic punch driver, hydraulic hole punch tool, hydraulic pump, cylinder, hydraulic wedge spreader, gear puller, hand press pipe tool, hydraulic pipe bender, other electrician tool and installation tools.

All the way, Jeteco Tools do our best to support all our customers quality products, reasonable prices, and complete after sell service. Evenmore, our professional engineers teams offer technical support for help our customers for cost controlling.

We would like to hear from you any advice about our products range in your business, any question, please feel free to contact with us, thanks.